Argus VI

Dr Lorraine RuziƩ working with the Argus VI mass spectrometer

The University of Manchester noble gas isotope research group took delivery of a Thermo Scientific Argus VI mass spectrometer in mid 2012, as part of the ongoing ERC NOBLE project.

The Argus VI is specially designed to quantify Ar isotopes from small samples.



The Helix-MC noble gas mass spectrometer

The GV Instruments (now part of the Thermo Fisher Scientific) Helix-MC at the University of Manchester was acquired in 2001.

The key role of the Helix-MC is the quantification of rare stable isotopes of the heavy noble gases, in particular the high precision determination of Xe isotopes from hydrocarbon fluid systems.

The detector housing of the Helix-MC contains five independent Faraday collectors, four of which can be moved to simultaneously quantify five different isotopes.

The Helix-MC has played a key role in the acquisition of data for several high profile papers, including Holland and Ballentine 2006 and Holland et al 2009.

MAP 215-50

MAP (G54)

The MAP 215-50

MAP (2)

MAP (G69)

MAP (G69)



The MS-1




The VG5400 Mass Spectrometer.